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About the Author.

Magdalena Ling was born in Goleniów, a small city in Northern Poland on February 17th, 1996. She grew up in Łozienica, with her beautiful mother Ewa, and her grandparents. She moved from her home in Wierzchosław to New York in 2016, leaving her parents Ewa and Łukasz with her ray of sunshine, baby brother, Mikołaj.

She was always interested in the Supernatural, Magic and writing, although her biggest passion will forever be acting. 

Her goal is to create a community full of acceptance and love, where every soul can find their home. A coven of Witches of all shapes and sizes, races, genders, cultures and identities.

Here, everyone is always welcome, equal, important and loved. By sharing her story, Spiritual Journey, and knowledge, she hopes to help others to find their Path and Heal. 

Zorjas is the beginning of this Journey. 

Zorjas is inspired by a name of Slavic Goddess of Dawn. She was the daughter of the Sun God- Dazbog. In some tales Zorja was a Slavic representation of the Three Sisters Tale. This Tale is a representation of three stages of a life. It speaks about our Power, and explains womanhood better than any other. Maiden, Mother and Crown or Past, Present and Future. Birth, Life, Death. It’s the three women, standing arm in arm, holding hands and being one. It’s all I want us to be. Loving, taking care of one another and learning from each other.  It’s the unity of women that I strive for. It’s the ultimate Wisdom.  When we learn how to claim this triple power back, when we finally stop tearing each other down, we will reach to our full potential.  Hekate was feared even by Zeus. Morrigan’ s powers seem endless... Fates, Furies... Legendary powerful. Even the Charmed needed the power of three to conquer their enemies. Do you see the pattern yet?


This space is all genders and identities friendly: female, male, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, and all, none or a combination of these. I love you all, and I want you all to be free to express yourself here- I'm always open to learn more, because I believe we, as humans need to constantly learn and expand our horizons.