About Magdalena

Magdalena Ling is a certified spiritual and wellness practitioner, artist and influencer, founder of Zorjas™, and author and creator of The Oracle of the Holy Revolution. Her art, writing and life mission is to guide spiritual practitioners around the globe on a journey back home to their true selves- through the practice of gentleness and honest living. Through her down to earth and humorous approach and teaching style she shares her experiences, and showcases the reality behind modern spiritual lifestyle- encouraging spiritual seekers looking to live a better, fuller life in tune with their intuition, to find their magic within.  

Her work is a response to her life journey and the current state of our world. Her goal is to create a community full of acceptance and love, where every soul can find their home. A spiritual tribe for Earthlings of all shapes and sizes, races, genders, cultures and identities. Her life mission is to help humanity rise to their true potential and create a reality in which we all can live happily and in tune with nature.


At Zorjas everyone is always welcome, equal, important and loved.  


What is Zorjas


Zorjas™ is inspired by a name of Slavic Goddess of Dawn- the daughter of the Sun God- Dazbog. In some tales Zorja was a Slavic representation of the Three Sisters Tale. This Tale is a representation of three stages of life.

It speaks about our Power, and explains womanhood better than any other. Maiden, Mother and Crown or Past, Present and Future. Birth, Life, Death. It’s the three women, standing arm in arm, holding hands and being one. It’s the ultimate Wisdom.  When we learn how to claim this triple power back, we will reach to our full potential. 

The lesson of Zorjas is that of balance and the art of letting go. Of forever welcoming the new chapters of your life, while learning from your past failures and accomplishments- and the importance of going through it all with hope and belief in the divine protection and your own strength. 

Spirituality is a simple shift from the material world of our bodies into the Realm of Soul. Why is Spirituality important? Well, Spirituality for beginners is a way of founding themselves. We all feel lost at some point of our earthly existence- that's when we start to search for answers that only spiritual practice can bring. There are many types of spirituality- each unique, valid and beautiful- that can help you answer your many questions and find the true, inner meaning of your life. 

Why is wellness important? Practicing healthy habits and making them a part of your daily routine improves the quality of your life- from surviving and struggling you can finally thrive and enjoy every moment of your precious life. Social wellness helps us build a better World, where we can support an nurture each other, communicate easier and be closer together.