About Magdalena

Magdalena Ling is a certified spiritual and wellness practitioner, artist and influencer, founder of Zorjas™, and author and creator of The Oracle of the Holy Revolution. Her art, writing and life mission is to guide spiritual practitioners around the globe on a journey back home to their true selves- through the practice of gentleness and honest living. Through her down to earth and humorous approach and teaching style she shares her experiences, and showcases the reality behind modern spiritual lifestyle- encouraging spiritual seekers looking to live a better, fuller life in tune with their intuition, to find their magic within.  

Her work is a response to her life journey and the current state of our world. Her goal is to create a community full of acceptance and love, where every soul can find their home. A spiritual tribe for Earthlings of all shapes and sizes, races, genders, cultures and identities. Her life mission is to help humanity rise to their true potential and create a reality in which we all can live happily and in tune with nature.


At Zorjas everyone is always welcome, equal, important and loved.