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Magdalena Ling is a certified spiritual and astrology practitioner, artist and content creator. She is the founder of Zorjas™, and author of The Oracle of the Holy Revolution.

Growing up in a household where she was encouraged to explore her creative side, Magdalena has always been drawn to the arts. After many years of personal growth and exploring different spiritual practices, she eventually found her true calling- to help guide others on their own journey back home to their true selves.

Through her down to earth and humorous approach and teaching style, Magdalena showcases the reality behind modern spiritual lifestyle- encouraging spiritual seekers looking to live a better, fuller life in tune with their intuition, to find their magic within through Astrology and other disciplines.

Her work is a response to her life journey and the current state of our world. Her goal is to create a community full of acceptance and love, where every soul can feel seen and heard.

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