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What is Astrology?-Decoding the Cosmic Influence of Planets on your Life

For ages, humans have gazed at the stars, seeking answers and meaning in the vast expanse of the heavens. Enter astrology – the age-old practice of connecting the positions of planets and stars to events down here on Earth. According to astrologers, the Sun, Moon, and planets during the time of our birth shape our personalities and destinies. But don't worry, it's not all predestination! Free will still plays a major role in our lives. Today, we explore astrology as a powerful and fun tool to understand ourselves, others, and the world around us. Just like we use different languages to describe and comprehend our reality, astrology offers a fascinating way to delve into human character and communicate our observations.

an astrologer assessing the rising sign.
By peeking into the positions of celestial bodies at the time of our birth, we gain insights into our inner selves.

A Tool for Understanding Ourselves and Others

Astrology gives us a fresh perspective on human behavior and personality. Instead of only using psychological tools, we can now gaze at the stars to unlock the mysteries of who we are. Through natal charts (birth charts or horoscopes), we get a glimpse of the positions of celestial bodies when we were born, shedding light on our inner selves. Astrology doesn't just stop at self-discovery; it also fosters empathy and understanding for others. Each person's unique cosmic influences paint a vibrant picture of their life experiences and quirks. By acknowledging these celestial energies, we gain a broader appreciation for the beautiful diversity of human beings.

The Imperfect Language of Astrology

Astrology is not to be mistaken for a crystal ball providing concrete and absolute truths. Rather, it can be likened to an intricate art of interpretation, woven together with the threads of our biases and human fallibility. As astrologers, we must resist the temptation to confine people into rigid, predefined categories or propagate unfounded and alarming doomsday prophecies. Instead, let's embrace astrology as a powerful tool for personal growth and self-awareness. It should serve as a mirror to reflect upon ourselves and our unique cosmic influences, fostering understanding and acceptance rather than judgment or fear-mongering. The beauty of astrology lies in its capacity to empower individuals to navigate their paths, making informed choices and embracing their true selves.

Beware of Misleading Practices

It's no surprise that astrology has its fair share of skeptics, and in many cases, their skepticism is justified. The doubt arises primarily from the presence of self-proclaimed experts who arrogantly assert having all the answers. Beware of these so-called gurus who make grandiose promises, feeding on people's vulnerabilities and anxieties with their dark and ominous prophecies. Genuine astrology, on the other hand, is meant to be a source of empowerment and upliftment. It should be a guiding light that illuminates our paths, offering insights and understanding, rather than playing on our fears. Authentic astrologers aim to inspire and encourage personal growth, helping individuals embrace their strengths and weaknesses while navigating life's uncertainties with confidence and clarity. The essence of astrology lies in its ability to provide guidance and support, not in exploiting people's insecurities for personal gain. So, let's approach astrology with a discerning eye, seeking the wisdom that empowers us, while dismissing the charlatans who prey on our vulnerabilities.

Discovering Your Natal Chart

Long gone are the days when one had to embark on a quest to find mystics and sages, spending hours in search of someone who could create their natal chart. Thanks to the marvels of technology, this mystical process is now conveniently accessible to everyone. With just a few clicks and keystrokes, you can effortlessly enter your birth details on an astrology website, and within seconds, voila! Your personalized cosmic map materializes right before your eyes, a celestial blueprint tailor-made to unlock the mysteries of the universe and your own cosmic secrets.

Check these websites where you can generate your natal chart:

  1. Astrodienst ( Astrodienst, also known as, is a renowned astrology website that offers a wide range of astrological services, including the generation of detailed natal charts.

  2. Co-Star ( Co-Star is a modern astrology app that offers personalized natal charts and insights based on your birth information.

Interpreting Your Natal Chart

Now that you have your natal chart, it's time to decode it. Those symbols and elements hold the keys to your uniqueness – your strengths, weaknesses, and potential paths. Just remember, no astrologer can claim to have it all figured out based solely on your birth chart. It's a glimpse, not the entire story. Over the upcoming weeks, we'll guide you through the symbolism and enigmas of birth charts, unveiling the cosmic wonders that await, revealing what the stars have in store for you.

"What's Your Sign?"

When someone inquires about your "sign," they are unknowingly referring to your Sun Sign, which represents the zodiacal position of the Sun at the time of your birth. Sun Sign Astrology often grabs the spotlight, but upon a little reflection, it becomes apparent that dividing the entire human population into just 12 categories (the 12 Sun Signs) is far too simplistic. The truth is, every individual on this planet is a beautifully intricate being. While the Sun's position holds significance, Astrology encompasses so much more than that. In fact, Astrology is as delightfully complex (and at times bewildering!) as people themselves. Beyond the Sun sign, each person has a Moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and the list goes on. Additionally, each planet and luminary falls into specific houses (12 in total) in their birth chart, also known as their natal chart. Furthermore, character traits are believed to be influenced by the relationships these planets, luminaries, and points have with each other, measured by the degrees between them to determine if they form an aspect.

And that's just the beginning—Astrology has countless other aspects and refinements to explore. This only scratches the surface of natal chart analysis. Astrologers can delve into various other systems, such as predictive Astrology techniques, Synastry (the study of relationships), and more. The study of Astrology is, without a doubt, a multifaceted journey that could span a lifetime.

Fortunately, delving into Astrology can be an immensely enjoyable and rewarding pursuit, especially for those curious about self-discovery, understanding others, and gaining insights into life's complexities. As beginners, you can take it step by step, starting with Sun Signs and gradually exploring Moon signs, and so forth. The incredible payoff of this progressive approach is the gradual revelation of your own unique chart and the charts of your loved ones, uncovering the fascinating tapestry of astrological influences that shape each individual. So, embrace the allure of Astrology, and let the stars illuminate your path of self-discovery and knowledge!

Astrology, the language of the stars, continues to captivate and inspire us. It's a fascinating way to explore the connection between the cosmos and our lives. As we dive into astrology's wonders, let's embrace its potential for self-discovery, empathy, and personal growth. But always remember, it's a tool, not a magic potion. So, let's use it responsibly and ethically to understand ourselves and the beautiful world we inhabit.

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