The power of Morning Rituals.

Humans are creatures of habit. I've always considered myself a chaos lover. I don’t need a plan to enjoy my life. I love spontaneity, however, planning is an act of taking back control. Being in control puts me at ease. Our modern World’s pace is fast. We are constantly racing: from home, to work, to school, to run some errands... We like to keep ourselves busy and there’s nothing bad about it, as long as one still feels happy and in control of this chaos. Sometimes, it all feels just too much. Sometimes, ever a chaos lover needs something that will ground them. For me it’s my morning rituals.

I have a few things that I just need to do in the morning, to wake myself up and then find my way back to my body after all night of roaming the Darkness of the Universe.

1. Choosing an Alarm, I enjoy- I still remember the sound of our old alarm, when I was a kid. It was so loud and horrible I always felt like it’s punching me in my gut with its sound. Oh, how I hated it! So now, I will always choose a song I enjoy. It puts me in a good mood, and I end up having it stuck for a bit in my head. If you’re like me go for something you like, and change it when you’re over it. I’m waking up now to “Watermelon sugar” by Harry Styles. 

2. Getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off- Yes, I had a big problem with this one at first, but now I’m actually waking up a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off.  Falling back to sleep, or staying in bed just makes me lazy. Nobody wants to leave their warm bed in the morning. I prefer one solid cut, then the slow torture of giving myself a minute. 

3. Playing music while changing- Music is a crucial part of my life. It makes it better; it makes it worse- depending on my current artist obsession, but it’s the most important thing to me. Music is therapeutic, we all know it by now. Sound has a power over our mood. I like to listen to something happy but not too loud. I created my morning playlist on Spotify that I would love to she with you if you want.  I always change straight after getting out of bed. Wearing pajamas, is a signal for my body that we can relax and will go to bed soon, so I need to get out of them ASAP. 

4. Making my bed- It’s a simple enough act, so it won’t make you angry, but it gives you two things back. First, it’s like a period, ending the good-night sentence. It helps you acknowledge that the night time is over and there’s no going back under this warm cover until later tonight. The second is the feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes we can’t control much in our life and this is something that you can physically do. Think about it as taking back control over your life- start with your bed, then conquer the World.

5. Washing my face- I always wash my face and teeth before anything else. It’s a morning Cleansing Ritual that helps me wash away the leftover sleepiness. I wash my face with cold water. Cold water is the jam. Trust me! Then the teeth brushing time- and listening to music is helpful to measure the time you spend on doing each thing- Yes, I’m this chick. I measure my time in songs- sorry-not-sorry. I would take my morning medication with a tall glass of water here. Water is life. Don’t underestimate the power of hydration! 

6. Putting makeup on- I’m not the makeup advocate. I’m not the bare face advocate, either. I’m the happiness and freedom of expression advocate, so, you do you Honey! I like makeup, so I have weeks when I’ll wear some, weeks, when I won’t put anything on my face but some Organic Shea Butter. I have also: only mascara weeks, only brow done weeks. I will go with the flow and how I’m feeling like the given day. Listen to yourself and act accordingly. I wear makeup, because that’s my way of claiming the focus and precision back.  My sister and brothers you know what I’m talking about- there's nothing that will wake you up more than a mascara wand poking your eyeball. 

7. Putting perfume on- Our senses are magical. The sense of smell in my case has a power of calming me down or empowering me. It’s my fairy dust! I will go for the five strategic points: Wrists, sides of the neck behind my ears, and a little bit between the girls! Want to make it more magical? Design your own perfume! There are websites that are so easy to use, like:

8. Cup of Coffee- Coffee is the magic juice. If you don’t like it, go for a cup of tea, or glass of warm water with lemon juice. It’s about taking your time, and drinking something you enjoy. Something warm to wake up your insides and prepare them for breakfast. I drink my coffee after making breakfast for the kids I babysit. I like to drink it when they are getting ready, brushing or already left for school. I drink it and meditate in the same time. I try to ground myself while doing it. I’ll try to focus on how nice it feels to have the steam touch my face, inhale the scent of black beans magic. Hold it tight in my hands, enjoying how it warms my always clod fingers. I think about how it tastes and how it travels down to my belly. 

To sum it up, my approach in life is to learn how to fall in love with the little things. The World is so big, and we are so tiny in it. Sometimes, that makes us feel unimportant, lost, scared. To find yourself, you need to be conscious of the fact that you exist and matter. Make your rituals sacred. Make time for yourself, you are never too busy for that. Some people like to journal, others will full on meditate, or work out in the morning. You don’t have to. You might simply not be a morning person; you might not ever be willing to sacrifice your sleep to wake up earlier and do all of that. (Me!) Don’t compare yourself to others, but find something that will work for you, for your time frame and your lifestyle. It might be something as small as making your bed or washing your face, and smilingly not worth the while but for you it will be life-changing.  Let me know what works best for you in the comments!

I hope you’re having another magical day!

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