The Four Elements Magick- Cleansing.

Using Fire, Water, Air and Earth in my Craft is absolutely crucial. As I take mostly from Slavic Pagan traditions, my Magick is mostly focused on Nature, Ancestors and Spirits/ energies manipulation. It's a Magick that originated in poor parts of Eastern Europe, so it is only logical to not spend too much if any money on it. We also don’t believe it's necessary. The Magick is for free, for everybody, but not everyone knows that or how to use what the Gods gave us. The forgotten knowledge never died, and you use it and see it- even when you are completely unaware of it. Half of the modern wellness trends are based off different Paths from all around the World. Combine a journaling, meditation, collecting crystals, vision boards, aromatherapy, Epson salts baths, and daily affirmations- and you have a low-key witchcraft. 

The Four Elements can be used for everything. It’s your imagination that sets your limits. Let's start with cleansing. You can bring a pot of earth and keep it on your Altar and whenever you feel bad vibes approaching pick up you pot with soil and imagine all the bad energy around you being sucked into the pot. Your intention has to be clear; you can help yourself with words. Speak your intention out: “Negativity has no place in this house. Good Mother Earth absorb all the negativity and transform it with your endless Magick into Light.” You can charge this pot in moonlight each full moon, or when you feel like it’s soaked with bed vibes bury it outside. 

Water is most obvious one for cleansing. Almost all Religions use it still for the same reasons, and that should give you a clue about its powers. If it’s you who needs cleaning go and take either a bath, for deep cleaning and relaxation. If you feel that someone put the bad eye on you- I recommend showers. A shower in a cold water. It’s extremely beneficial. Again,visualize water washing the negative energy from your body and soul. You can help yourself with words again, say something around the lines of: “Good Water, the Mother of all Life, cleanse your child of all the negativity. Good Water, cold Water make me clean again.” Your space needs cleansing? A spray bottle with moon water and some of your favorite essential oils will do well with getting rid of all the bad vibes. You need something extra powerful- add some salt to it, and ask whatever you work with to bless it. My Grandma would just keep some Holy Water from the Church at home and use this one. It’s super powerful, because it’s from the place of worship. As stronger the belief behind the object, the more powerful its effects are going to be. 

Air is my favorite way of cleaning myself. All you need is a windy day. Go outside and stand against the wind. Feel it going through you and taking all the bad energy with it. I love this feeling so much. I like to say: “Good Spirits of Air, teach me how to let things go. Let me be free as you are. My heart as light as the leaves you play with.” Cleaning the house? We did it always when washing our windows at home with my Grandma, and later Mom. Open the windows! Let all the negativity be simply taken by wind.  

Fire- let's remember that Fire is the quickest and most powerful elements. I use it for immediate effects. You can smudge the house: remember to be respectful with White Sage. I don’t use any kind of sage personally. It removes all the energy, not only the negative, low frequencies. Each herb will have a slightly different properties, so read about it before using it.  I prefer to light a candle. With intention to cleanse the house. When cleaning myself I just put my hand over the fire and with its warmth I picture it cleansing me. 

You can also cleanse with sound- the whole thing with getting rid of unwelcome spirits by banging two cast iron pans against each other-totally working! You can look up cleaning sound frequencies on YouTube and Spotify or use bells. 

Simplicity is very powerful. Yes, sometimes you will need the more complex ritual behind certain Magickal activities but it’s mostly for you. To feed your imagination to let it believe that you own the Power to create. I like to give this little pop culture example: Harry Potter. Each of the wizards had a wand. The wand was an extension of their will. A device to help them focus their magic and use it in a specific way. But the most powerful of wizards, could cast the spells without their wands. Why? Because their believe was stronger. I will say that again, all the limitations are in your head. Learn to let them go and you can reach the sky. 

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