Spirit guides.

Spirit guides, Guardian Angels, Spirits of your Ancestors or deceased family members, the voice of God... There are many interpretations of the protective, guiding powers in our life. Based on different traditions they had different names, but their goal was always the same- they were there to keep you safe, share their mystical knowledge with you and be the Light in the Darkness of Doubt for you. 

The way we experience this connection can be very different for everybody. Some people feel this inner knowing, like a very strong kind of intuition or realization. Some people actually hear their Guides. Some feel their presence. Some can actually see them; they can have many shapes and sizes just like us. 

How can you reach out to them and open up to this connection? 

They keep leaving you signs all the time, so firstly you just need to become hyper-aware and pay attention. If I would have to describe our modern lifestyle with a movie title it would definitely be “Fast and Furious.” We forget to look; we forget that they are with us all the time. I always recommend meditation, because I know for a fact that this is the only time for almost everybody to sit down and just check in with your inner self. When you meditate you can try to just ask them questions. Ask for their assistance in your daily problems. Try free writing during meditation. It’s a technique to get answers and messages for the Universe. Grab a piece of paper and pen and let them speak through you. It can be pictures, letters, symbols... Let the power of Universe pour through your fingertips. 

My favorite thing to do when I’m finishing my meditation, is to call on my Ancestors. I call upon the ones I know by name, and the ones I’ve never had a chance to get to know. I thank them for living their lives the way they did, because it allows me to be me, to be where I am in my life. I thank them for all their sacrifices, their bravery to live their life the way they did. I thank them for their everlasting knowledge and strength that I can feel in my blood.I close my eyes and picture them all gathering behind me. The one person that is this powerful connection to them all, my Angel on my shoulder is my Grandma. I can feel her hand touching my arm whenever I do it, and I picture all of them touching each other's arms connecting in this beautiful chain of life and death. I do it whenever I need their strength. I might be running my errands outside and feel uneasy, and I’ll imagine all of them walking behind me. I can’t ever write it down without sitting a bit straighter. The power that this gives me makes me so emotional, it’s hard for me to hold back my tears. I know that I can do everything, that I’m protected from everything, because I have them. Their love is the only shield I’ll ever need. That’s why the rest of my Craft is usually based off visualization. I don’t need to smudge my room to cleanse it, I ask my favorite spirits to get rid of the bad energy. I get dreams in which my Granny would come to me and speak with me. When I couldn’t go home for over three years and I was really worried about my Mom and Dad, or my baby Brother would get sick, all I would ever have to do is just call on our Ancestors and ask them to take care of them.

Whenever I put a protective Spell on our home, I finish it with asking them to protect our home, and then picture the generations of my family standing arm in arm, holding hands in the protective circle around our house. Love is the most powerful spell in the Universe. Whatever you create out of love it’s going to be great. The fact that they are no longer with us, doesn't mean they stopped loving us. They never will. My love towards them will never end. Use this power that runs in your blood. Love is the one thing that can change the World. Trust me.

Get into habit of asking them questions throughout the day. Create a list with things you need their assistance, and just keep asking them to help you out. When you don’t feel this connection with your Ancestor, you can call upon other powers. Call upon Angels, Demons (in my tradition I don’t really believe in strictly negative and positive Spirits. For me any spirit can act good or bad but again I have some experience with both sides. Just be logical and careful. RESEARCH) Call upon Gods or God, or energies of the Universe. Whatever you feel is calling out to you and just listen! Pray, meditate, write letters to them, ask for signs, pay attention and always be full of gratitude! It’s like in real life relationships- gratitude for them being in your life and them helping you out is going to make your connection stronger!  

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