Simple but insightful Tarot spreads.

There’s a tarot spread for absolutely everything. There are some classical ones, but I also believe in intuitive reading, and creativity in readings. Today I would like to share a couple of my favorites with you.

Three cards spread- Perfect for the beginners, and answering relatively simple questions. Number three is important in many occult traditions. In Tarot spreads it can relate to: Past, Present and Future, usually with the Present in the middle, Past on the left and Future on the right. If you ask if you should pursue a specific action you might read the card on the left as what will happen if you won’t do it, the one on the right, as what will happen when you do it, and the center card as an advice on making your decision. You can perform an easy Daily Spread: the card on your left, giving you the dominant energies of the day, the center as an advice on how to deal with these energies, and finally, the right as the outcome if the advice is followed. For a Relationship Reading. Left: you in the present moment, right: your significant other in present moment, center: the connection between you. In need of a self-check? Left: your physical body, center: your emotional state, right: your spiritual/ energetic presence.


The Celtic Cross-There are many versions of this spread. This one is perfect for more complicated questions. Most will consist of 10 cards; I’ve seen some people use 11. The interpretation of each position is going to vary, but that's how I read them. Remember to ask your question, really focusing on it.

1) Self- It's you or the person you do this reading for. It's your state of mind at the moment, regarding this question or how you view yourself through the prism of this situation/ question.

2) Situation- The primary concern of the reading. It sits on top of the Self card and crosses it, symbolizing the perplexity over what you have to do. It can be a decision one has to make, confusion over this situation and need of changing current situation. The rest of the cards will expand this picture.

3) Recent Past- Representation of the past events, and things that will have to leave the picture now. This card can show you events that made this situation happen. It usually confirms the relevance of the reading: it can point out recent feelings or events the person you do this reading for went through.

4) Higher Guidance- It talks about life lessons or opportunities coming from this situation that will evolve your soul. It's a sacred message from you Guides.

5) Fundamental Influences- This one speaks about the influences that are the base for the experience of situation. Past traumas, old beliefs, experiences, memories, repressed emotions. Sometimes it will be the wisdom you acquired throughout your life's journey. You might not be aware or want to hear this message but it will usually be the calling for more shadow work. Just be open.

6) Near Future- Not the outcome of the situation! Rather a next step. If it's not very favorable it can be consider as head-ups. An advice form the Universe on how to do it right.

7) Hopes and Fears- I like how it's paired together because hopes and fears are usually just two sides of one coin. This one usually show you the fears that were holding you from achieving your goals in the first place.

8) External Influences- It can be other people, events, energies that are affecting you or the situation. It points out the outside factors that you can't control. Sometimes it's the perspective of the other people involved in the situation.

9) Advice- The Universe telling what to do or what to avoid. It can be a call to a specific action or just a different perspective that will help you get whatever you want.

10) Potential Outcome- This is an answer to the question you asked. It's the outcome of the situation based on your current behavior. The Future can always change. It all depends on the actions you're decide to take. Review the whole reading, take the advise given to you and whatever you want is yours.

Weekly, Yearly Spread- I like to use 7 cards for each day of the week, 4 cards for each week of the month, and 13 cards for the Yearly spread. I think it’s self-explanatory for most of it. This kind of spread can give an insight on your daily life. I add an additional card for my yearly spread as an advice card. Advice from the Universe on what I should work more or pay more attention to. 

Major Arcana Messages- This one is something that I’m very fond of. Each Major Arcana Card is associated with a very specific quality. Each of us has a slightly different interpretation of these cards so just go with your intuition for this one. Let’s say you are looking to figure out what’s stopping you from finding your love. Shuffle through your deck focusing on this question, fan your cards facing you when you feel ready and look for The Lovers card. The card under The Lovers is what’s stopping you from finding love and the one above is an advice on how to change it. Feeling powerless? Do the same but look for the Strength card. In need of transition, transformation- Find the Death in your deck. Fighting addiction- look for The Devil and so on... 

I will focus more on the Art of Tarot and Oracle reading in a couple of my next posts. Stay tuned and enjoy! If you ever need some help with your readings- my Instagram Dm's are open for everybody!


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