Shadow Work

This week we are focusing on the Shadow Work. I've seen a couple of people talk about it but never really explain what the shadow work is, and how to go about healing it.

It's a concept taken from Psychology, but now widely popular in Spiritual Realms. I, personally feel like Witchcraft and Science are sisters- the first one a little bit older than the later, so no wonder that we will see both of them incorporated in one another. Shadow Self is defined as a term used to refer to the parts within us that we may try to hide or deny. It comprises of the aspects of our personality that we tend to deem shameful, unacceptable, ugly. It can be envy, jealousy, rage, lust, desire for power or the wounds incurred in childhood – all of those we keep hidden. This week I want us to get a taste of this concept and try to heal our wounds, to be able to love ourselves fully! Let's learn how to dance with our demons instead of banishing them!

Our subconscious is the home of the Shadow Self. Sometimes it's buried so deep it's hard to identify it. To work on it, we need to find it first. There are certain thoughts, feelings that are recurring, sometimes even constant. Identifying them will help you find your shadow. These are common ones: I am not good enough. I am unloveable. I am flawed. My feelings are not valid. I must take care of everyone around me. Why can’t I just be normal just like others? Try to analyze your thought patterns and note when and why is your mind taking you there.

Remember, there are no bad emotions. They are here to help you determine your wounds and fears. Examine the tings you feel, ask yourself: What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this? Don’t be frustrated if the answers do not come right away. Sometimes, the answers need time to be found and you’ll know it. Meditating helps me a lot to understand my thought patterns. Never force answers and jump into conclusion because they might be the wrong ones. The answers might evolve with you with time. Shadow work is considered soul work and it happens on its own timeline. Just be patient and know that in time, the answers will come.

Art is a great way to allow your Shadow to manifest itself. Some people journal, others write letters to themselves, some write stories making themselves the main character and allowing themselves to play out all possible scenarios and relive the trauma in a safe environment. Others paint their pain and fear away. Some get lost in singing or song making. Same dance their heart out. Anything that allows your soul to run free, express itself without judgment. Just try it! Do it! There are so many options everyone can find something perfect for them.

Childhood traumas can be caused by the way we were parented or other people who hurt us. It can result in deep wounds that can create behavioral and emotional patterns that create our personality. Working with your Inner Child can be very beneficial, but be gentle with yourself during this process. I like to meditate and go back to times when I was hurting and scared as a kid. I can see clearly certain situation and I try to imagine my older self, comforting the younger me. It's uncomfortable. It's dark, and sad- and the amount of times I cried myself to sleep after a session like that... But every tear I finally let myself express, felt so good. See, this is the time I like to combine Psychology and the Craft. When I felt like I couldn't relive a certain situation by myself, I started to call upon my Spirit Guide. You don't have to do it alone anymore. Being vulnerable is so hard. We've been thought that expressing ourselves is a sign of weakness, when in fact it's a bravery I couldn't muster for years. Take your time. Baby step the hell out of it, take breaks and keep fighting. You can do it! Heal yourself, break the generational curses. Be the black ship. Allow yourself to be free.

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