Samhain at home: rituals, treats and other ideas to celebrate Halloween during Worldwide pandemic.

I know that for many of you, not being able to socialize is very difficult. Maintaining social distancing and still being able to hang out with your friends, outside is going to be more and more difficult, because of the seasons changing. Don’t fret my darling Witches- I'm here to help out. Not everybody connects Halloween with parties and social gatherings. For me most of the Festivals are about getting together and celebrating them with family and friends, with this year might just simply not be the best idea. There are however many other possibilities to fully harvest this powerful night and enjoy it even in the times of global pandemic. 

Don’t forget that this year, Samhain is on a second full moon in October- the Blue Moon. Astrologers say that the energies of this Full Moon might not be the best for manifesting- this power might be very chaotic; they recommend to use its powers a day after the full moon- from October till December 21st the energies are going to be crazy. Take it easy! Every Full Moon is a time of Release and Cleansing. Take a nice cleansing bath, drink some apple cider or mulled wine, light a pumpkin spice candle- go for it. Spoil yourself, you definitely deserve it! Write a letter to the Universe, stating what no longer serves you and burn it to release those connections and move on. 

Prepare a celebrational Harvest Dinner for yourself and your loved ones.

Samhain is the celebration of those who are no longer with us, as well as appreciation time for those still in our life- don't forget to set an empty place at the table for those who can join you only in spirit. Provide an offering to them with each course of the meal. We like to tell a story, share our favorite memory of the family members that are not with us anymore. Anything can be a token of your appreciation. 

Take a walk in nature.

It might be a park, a forest, a cemetery- whatever feels right to you. Meditate on the World changing around you. This time of the year is focused on life and death- the never-ending circle of life that you are a part of. Are there any thing that should die in your life or personality that could help you move on? Identify them. If the location permits, bring a little something back with you- a bunch of leaves, a rock: anything that can be a symbol of whatever change your planning on putting into life. You can use it as your Altar decoration. 

Guiding the Spirits.

Some put a white, seven-day candle on their windowsill to guide the passing souls back to The Other World. Light the candle and speak these words, “O little flame that burns so bright, be a beacon on this night. Light the path for all the dead, that they may see now what’s ahead. And lead them to the Summerland and shine until Pan takes their hands. And with Your light, please bring them peace, that they may rest and sleep with ease.”

Try a new Divination method. 

This time is perfect for seeking and receiving answers. There are so many great options: different types of scrying, wax pouring, Tarot Reading- but my childhood favorite divination method is using an apple peel to find your future lovers' name! Pick up an apple and a knife: speak your intention to the fruit and start peeling it- try to peel the entire apple in one long stripe. Then say at loud ‘show me my lovers initial’ and throw the peel over your left shoulder. Turn and check out the results! Let me know in comments what did you get. 

Bake some yummy treats:

From pumpkin and apple pies, to different types of cookies and muffins, breads and other goods: just pick something out and while baking infuse it with your intentions. Prosperity, abundance, love, happiness- whatever you wish and desire. Next Friday I will share with you my Easy Apple Pie recipe with a list of the best witchy movies to watch on Halloween night! 

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