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New Moon in Taurus: Finding Stability in Turbulent Times

The new moon in Taurus, taking place on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. ET, is a much-awaited event for astrology lovers. This new moon brings a sense of grounding and stability, making it the perfect time to take a break from the fiery intensity of Aries season and regroup. Taurus season provides the energy we need to set goals, lay down the foundation for something brilliant, and rethink our value systems. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of the new moon in Taurus and how it can trigger a meaningful turning point for those whose zodiac signs fall under it.

Taurus is an earth sign that represents abundance, beauty, and material possessions. This zodiac sign is known for its grounding energy and steadfastness, providing the perfect energy for us to make tangible progress towards our goals. The new moon in Taurus highlights our value systems, encouraging us to reflect on what we prioritize in life and whether those priorities align with our values.


Taurus, get ready to shine bright like a diamond! You always love being seen and appreciated for who you truly are, and this new moon is all about you. It's your time to look in the mirror and witness a whole new identity emerging from within. Embrace the changes that time and experience have brought to you, and celebrate the risks you've taken, the truths you've spoken, and the beliefs you've stood up for. You're evolving into a more powerful and captivating person, and that's a fantastic thing! With Jupiter in Taurus squaring off with Pluto in Aquarius, this transformation is more significant than ever before. Get ready to become the best version of yourself, Taurus, because amazing things are on the horizon.


Leo, this new moon is bringing its light to shine on your deepest vulnerabilities. Its rays will illuminate your home life and personal relationships, bringing attention to everything that happens behind closed doors. It's time to ensure that your living space is a true sanctuary, a place of warmth, organization, and peace. Without a secure and welcoming environment, you cannot fully embrace the joys of the world outside. This could be the catalyst to tidy up, host a family movie night, or consider a move to a new place. Trust your intuition, Leo, and let the moon guide you to a space that truly feels like home. Remember, a comfortable and loving home is an absolute necessity. Let this new moon inspire you to plant your roots in a space that nurtures your soul.


Scorpio, prepare for a transformative shift in your relationships. With the new moon, you're feeling a powerful urge to deepen your bonds with those who matter most. As you examine your seventh house of love and friendship, you'll gain clarity on the key players and their roles in your life. Take a hard look at how you contribute to these dynamics and the impact you have on those around you. This introspection will illuminate who you truly want to surround yourself with going forward. Don't shy away from broadening your horizons, even if it means challenging your partner's perception of you. Embrace change and watch how your relationships flourish in the process. You've got this, Scorpio!


Attention, Aquarius! The stars are aligning in your favor, bringing an electrifying surge of energy to your public image. Now is the time to share your game-changing news or take steps to enhance your reputation. This is truly your moment to shine, and if you seize it, meaningful accolades and opportunities could be yours. Don't hesitate to take bold actions like entering a competition or applying for your dream job. The universe is on your side, and your determination and hard work are about to pay off in a big way. Keep climbing that career ladder with confidence and focus, and you'll soon reach heights you never thought possible. As an Aquarius, you have the power to achieve greatness and overcome any obstacle. Embrace your potential and let your light shine!

The new moon in Taurus is a time of regrouping and reflection. It’s an opportunity to evaluate our value systems, set goals, and create a foundation for long-term success. With the fiery intensity of Aries season behind us and Mercury retrograde officially over, we can turn our attention to the patient and stabilizing energy of Taurus season. If your zodiac signs fall under Taurus, use this new moon to your advantage and make tangible progress towards your goals. With the grounding energy of Taurus by our side, we can find stability in even the most turbulent times.
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