Let’s talk about Amethyst!

With the giveaway in a full bloom this week- and the reward being an Amethyst Essential Oil Necklace, from @zendezcrystals I figured that we need to talk about this crystal!

Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye Chakra- Crown Chakra. It’s a Birthstone for those born in February. Zodiacs associated with Amethyst are Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces! Its ruling planet is Jupiter. Amethyst corresponds with elements as well- Air and Water. Number three is its vibration number. This pretty crystal comes in a variety of pinkish violets to the deep grape purple I love!

As every crystal Amethyst is commonly associated with a set of healing properties. Its known to increase nobility and Spiritual awareness. It brings peace and healing to its owner. Heals body, mind and soul. Amethyst’s connection to Crown Chakra explains why we believe it helps with discovering our psychic abilities! It’s a traveler's crystal- carry it for a positive transformation, better communication skills, to find your balance and relive your stress! It’s also helpful when one struggles with meditating! It will help you ground yourself and find peace. It relieves insomnia.  Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Amethyst is said to be the bridge that connects us with the divine! Tracing the lineage of this luminous stone, ancient civilizations have been celebrating the amethyst crystal since 25,000 BC. From the Greeks to the Romans and even the Egyptians, everyone was drawn to the deep healing powers the amethyst stone emanated. There are tales of Amethyst earning its hue from the blood-red wine tears of Dionysus!

The story goes that Amethyst was actually a young virgin who found herself on the receiving edge of the Gods wrath when he was drunk. The young girl cried out to the Goddess Diana for help and the Goddess turned her into a shimmering pale stone. When Dionysus realized his folly, he wept into his wine glass and in his emotion overturned his goblet. The white stone soaked up the wine until it glowed a gentle purple hue. Drunken behavior is often associated with a muddy mind, high emotions and clumsy decisions. As the antidote to this, Amethyst is therefore associated with crystal clear clarity, deep contemplation, and a sense of control over life.

At a base level, Amethyst is renowned for bringing a sense of calm and clarity to our chaotic world. Those who keep Amethyst close will find that they feel comforted, grounded and soothed in a truly uplifting way. Because Amethyst centers the emotions, it can be a beautiful aide in recovery for those suffering from the overwhelming emotions that come with grief, loss and all shades of sadness. Thanks to its divine spirituality, it’s a great stone for reminding people not to fear the unknown!

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