Imbolc- The Beginning of Spring

We celebrate it on the 2nd of February. Imbolc, comes from the word "Imbolg"- meaning "in the belly" the season of rebirth and renewal, the whole Earth is starting the cycle once again. We are all in the belly of the Great Mother, hidden, growing, slowly awaking to our fullest potential. The days are growing with us, the Sun getting stronger every day! It's a beautiful time. The air is still crisp and cold, but the planet is waking up from the Winter's slumber once again.

It's time of letting go and starting anew. Clearing out the old, and making space for everything that's about to come. My favorite rituals around this time are very simple- it's just Spring cleaning- for inner and outer space in my life. Getting rid of old clothes, things that served their purpose and are no longer needed. Dusting off my room, reorganizing.

The same happens with me: I let go of the ideas, and habits that I know no longer serve me. I dust off my mind and body and check on myself: am I satisfy with how I am at the current moment? Is there place for improvement? The answer is always: yes! And so the works begin.

That my time for wish making, sitting down with myself and dedicating to what I want to achieve this year. I like to remodel my Altar: get rid of the things that just clutter the space: add some green to it. Bring new flowers and let them bloom with the Spring.

Back home, to welcome Spring and make sure the Winter won't surprise us and come back ruining the newly formed plants- we make a puppet doll- we call her Marzanna. She is meant to be a symbol of Winter herself. In the nearest river, we throw the doll in the water and let her drown. I always though about this practice as a little barbaric- that might be because I love winter dearly, and it is my favorite season, but it was a fun activity!

Planting seeds, and baking cakes is definitely less dramatic but also a traditional way of celebrating Imbolc. You can also set up a candle and wish upon it- for all the thing you and your friends need this year! Let it burn out completely and stay safe!

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