Imbolc Indoor Activities

How the Time flies by! The first month of our new year is already behind us all, and what month it was! All this crazy energies influence us all, so this Imbolc is even more meaningful for me than ever- a time of release, transformation and new beginnings. Still stuck in the quarantine I had to think about some ways to celebrate it safely, and I wanted to share a couple of my ideas with you!

My yearly ritual for Imbolc is fairly easy, if the motivation is around- Spring Cleaning! A deep cleanse of not only my house, but also my body and mind. Clean your room/ house. Throw away everything you don't need, go through your closet and donate what you no longer wear. Check under you bed and throw away all the strange boxes you keep collecting for whatever reason, trust me you won't need them. Recycle whatever you can! It's a nice experience, grounding yourself and gaining control over your space makes you feel good. Play some music, each object you find might bring some lovely memories- allow them to flow through you one more time! Then take care of you body- good, old bath or shower with the intention of cleansing and releasing the negative and stagnant energies will do! Wrap it up with something for the soul- mediation, letter to yourself, just a moment in peace to think about what you want this year to bring you is going to be more than enough! It's us making space for all the new things, people, and adventures! Cleanse your Altars witches! It's a perfect time to get rid of these old jars, old herbs and other things that clutter your space!

Make a list of goals for the new year! That's my Vision Board time! You can just write a bunch of things you want to do on a piece of paper or go to Pinterest and create a full on board! Do it! It help to have it somewhere you can see it everyday- as a reminder. A source of motivation when the life gets too hard. We get so, so busy that we forget to dream! We belittle our wishes because we feel like we don't really deserve to achieve them. We do! You do! Dream big, and the Universe will grand all of them!

Other fun activities include: having a bonfire and making the Brigid's Crosses, baking bread or potatoes! Picking out seed for future planting. Most importantly just sit down with yourself and relax. Be good to yourself and let the Spring wake up your hibernated heart. It's time to slowly wake up from our Winter slumber and star anew.

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