I visited the Clean Market Shop NYC. A healthy shop


The Clean Market shop is a place that offers organic food and services for your wellness needs. With cryotherapy, infrared saunas , vitamin drip lounges as well! They are committed to helping you feel better by providing quality products with innovative uses - all natural ingredients will be used in their treatments so they can work more effectively than any other traditional treatments.

I really love the Clean Market shop. I visited the one at Brookfield Place shopping center downtown NYC. Make sure to check out my Reels and TikToks for it. I love the layout and how everything is organized. So nice and "literally clean" It is very airy and pleasant.

The most important part though, is the products they carry. At first I felt that since it's a luxury shopping center I would to bring my piggy bank to purchase a powerbar, but I was pleasent

ly surprised by the affordable pricing of their products.

What I love most though is that they have so many types of products. From chips and dried fruits to vitimines and CBD prouducts.

They also have many power drinks and power bars, which I love for snacks. Along with that they also carry very nice brands of skincare products and dietary supplements. I have never seen some of the products they offer in regular supermarkets or stores around the city so I really love coming here because they constantly have new products.

But what really takes the trophy are their services. They offer a slew of different services that are so unique to the wellness industry.


IV Nutrient Therapy:

Fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to help you increase energy, support immunity or boost metabolism.

They infrared saunas:

This helps you detoxify, relax, relief pain and even for weight loss. It works by increasing your body's core temperature.


Very popular today, it uses sub-zero air to create body and mental mechanisims of adaptation which stimulate many benefits.

NOTE: I didn't try any of the previous services but I defintely will be getting to do them one by one in the near future. So, stay tunned for the blog post with each experience. Remeber, I try things for you and tell you what it really is all about.

As for the shop, you really should visit to load up on healthy products to stash in your pantry. And for your body too. I was so surprised as to how many products they have even though it looks like a small store. They arrange everythign in a way that it's not packed like a grocery store so it looks like there's only a few products but once you start looking around you realized they are loaded with so many things.

I wonder if the founder, Lily Kunin, is a Virgo because everything is very well organized. Big kudos to her for creating such an amazing place to experience wellness in so many different ways. Here is a bit about her

Can't go wrong with the products they have, give this store a visit.

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