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How the Full Moon in Virgo Can Illuminate Your Life- an advice for each Zodiac Sign

As we all know on March 7th at 7:40 a.m. EST, the no-nonsense full moon in Virgo will light up the sky. Astrologically speaking, full moons are a time of illumination, bringing hidden matters to light and triggering endings that can lead to new beginnings. So how can we use this full moon in Virgo to our advantage? Let’s explore what full moons in general bring us and how this particular one in Virgo can be particularly illuminating!


With the full moon in your sixth house of routine, it's time to review how you use your daily hours. As a hardworking star sign who loves having an agenda packed with activities, this is prime opportunity for creating strong boundaries and habits while also allowing room for restorative moments. Take some extra care when organizing your mornings and evenings - cut out practices that no longer resonate or fit into life now; make space for one new calming activity instead! A little effort will bring big rewards.


Taurus, it's time to tap into your creative spirit! With the full moon in Virgo illuminating your fifth house of pleasure and leisure, you may find yourself feeling more open to taking risks when it comes to joyous activities. As Mars is currently situated in Gemini and highlighting your second house of resources however, take a beat before splurging so freely - remember that financial balance must still be observed for future prosperity. To make sure you're getting the most out of this life-affirming lunation phase without facing budget blues later on down the line: try rediscovering an old hobby from childhood as part of self care practice; whether basketball shooting or tree climbing – unleash those youthful vibes!


This is an exciting period for Gemini, as the full moon shines a light on your home and family life. It's time to tap into new parts of yourself, but it isn't always easy - tensions from multiple areas in your life may be coming together simultaneously. To create space within you that'll make all these transitions easier, try taking some tangible steps like decluttering closets or junk drawers around you! By making room physically (as well as emotionally), you can open up possibilities more easily going forward.


This full moon is a great opportunity for Cancerians to get in touch with some lingering issues that have been on their minds. By taking pen to paper and jotting down any interpersonal matters they'd like resolution from, Cancers could find the courage needed today to express themselves through constructive conversations and clear away any built-up tension or uncertainty of the past 6 months. Through doing so, an emotional sense of relief can be obtained - making it all worth it!


Leo, the Virgo full moon is a powerful time for you to really take stock of your personal values. You may find yourself in unfamiliar territory – confronted with something that clashes against what you think and believe. But by analyzing what matters most to you now, this lunation serves as an opportunity for growth; where understanding will ultimately bring about strength when setting boundaries or managing confrontations down the line. Additionally, it’s essential not to overlook how this lunar cycle might affect finances - from new income opportunities arising or projects wrapping up, there could be some significant shifts ahead which can then further inform any decisions linked back to those core values!


Ready to leave the past behind? Virgo, now is your time! The full moon in your sign invites you to embrace a cosmic shedding like no other: it's an opportunity for personal growth and discovery. What exciting future self awaits around the corner but has yet been unknown? Take deep breaths as you begin to embody this new version of yourself - one step closer towards achieving greater alignment with who you strive to be.


Libra, now is the time to press pause and focus on your own wellbeing. The full moon in your 12th house signals an opportunity for deep introspection; a chance to quiet the external noise around you and heal from within. Self care doesn't have to be expensive - try carving out some 'you' time by meditating regularly or a new workout routine. Investing in physical, mental or spiritual health can open up possibilities for growth both inside and out as we move towards brighter days ahead.


Scorpio, under the full moon your social networks are due for a shakeup. Your 11th house of friendships and allies will be affected - it could mean big changes ahead or even confrontations with those close to you. Take stock of how much give versus take exists in each relationship; if there's more one-sidedness than both parties would like, now is the time address that imbalance! Be sure not to burn yourself out by giving too generously without receiving back what you deserve from others - guard your energy as best as possible during this transition period so you can come away better off after all these shifts have taken place


With this powerful moon illuminating your 10th house, now is an opportune time to step back and reflect on the events of your journey. Who were you five years ago and who do you want to be in the future? Take stock of where life has brought you so far with compassion and gratitude before visualizing what might come next. It may mean changes are ahead career-wise or personally; use it as a chance for necessary growth while navigating any potential conflicts that arise along the way.


This full moon, Capricorn may be finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. With the ninth house of knowledge and spirituality taking center stage at this time, they could be entering into a phase of personal growth by tackling some big projects or undertaking an adventurous journey. On top of that, any news received around now should not necessarily be taken as fact right away; it's best to pause for reflection before acting on anything definitive! To make sure you stay balanced whilst navigating these changes: why not try something new? This can provide a grounding energy while stimulating your intellect - perfect for facing up to whatever lies ahead with confidence


As the full moon passes through Aquarius, this is a time to open up and truly embrace vulnerability. The energy from the eighth house awakens our ability to experience intimacy with those around us on both a physical & emotional level; however in order for that connection to be genuine it requires an effort of self-reflection first! While we all carry stories about ourselves or challenges we’ve faced—this lucid moment invites you partake in releasing outdated narratives by engaging with one powerful exercise: writing down your secrets. Through honest examination, bestow yourself warmth and love as these previous struggles no longer need define who you are today!


This full moon is sure to bring transformation in your most important relationships. Take the time now to assess any pent-up frustration, and be honest about how you've been feeling with those closest to you—it could prove incredibly freeing! As self-care during this transit, challenge yourself by taking a more assertive stance against pressuring situations or people who don't respect boundaries. Know that it's ok: sometimes saying "no" can be just what the doctor ordered.


Full moons have always been associated with endings and beginnings; they provide us with an opportunity for clarity and illumination by bringing hidden matters into focus so we can move forward with greater insight and understanding. This particular full moon in Virgo provides an ideal chance for gathering facts around issues where more information may be needed and ensuring plans we had previously set into motion actually come to fruition. By capitalizing on both sides of this equation—harvesting old projects while gathering facts around murky matters—we can use this powerful celestial event as an opportunity for personal growth!


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