The Three Sisters Tale

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Did you ever wondered what Zorjas even mean? It’s spelled in many different ways: Zorya, Zoria, Zorza, Zory. You pronounce it ZOR-yah, and it’s a name of Slavic Goddess of Dawn. She was the daughter of the Sun God- Dazbog. In some tales Zorja was a Slavic representation of the Three Sisters Tale. What is the Three Sisters tale? Well, the Irish have their Morrigan, the Britons have the tale of the Triple Guinevere or Brigit of the Britons. The Greeks and Romans have three Harpies, Gorgons, Fates, Furies and Hekate of course, and Slavs have Zorja: Dusk, Midnight and Dawn represented in one Goddess. 

I love the tale of The Three Sisters: it was always my favorite one. Why? Because it speaks about our power, and explains womanhood better than any other. Maiden, Mother and Crown or Past, Present and Future. Birth, life, death. It’s the three women, standing arm in arm, holding hands and being one. It’s all I want us to be. Loving, taking care of one another and learning from each other.  It’s the unity of women that I strive for. It’s the ultimate wisdom.  When we learn how to claim this triple power back, when we finally stop tearing each other down, we will reach to our full potential.  Hekate was feared even by Zeus. Morrigan’ s powers seem endless... Fates, Furies... Legendary powerful. Even the Charmed needed the power of three to conquer their enemies. Do you see the pattern yet? 

See, I always felt like we are taught from our youngest years to distrust one another. The Crowns, are meant to fear the young, because they have the youth, they would take their husbands, ruin their lives.  The young ones are meant to look at the old ones with fear, because that what awaits you- wrinkles, ugliness, loneliness... We keep tearing each other down: being jealous of one another. It’s like our life isn’t hard enough we keep making up these competitions: who’s fitter, better daughter, wife, mother, who’s aging better, is prettier...  Did you notice that half of our fights are not even about us? Or our opinions? They are about what we are for others, mostly men. Don’t get me wrong here- I love men, and I know that their life is also difficult. We all struggle to fight different stereotypes: and for men is the whole being tough thing, but men, in my opinion are much better in sticking together, being there for each other. Saturdays are for the boys, right? Even the way they talk with each other: It’s me and the lads, me and the boys, dudes... And we go for the me and my bitches way too much like for my taste. Is it really claiming this word back and making it ours? Or just another way of programming our brains in believing that we need to degrade one another? I'm not sure anymore... Let's call each others Beautiful, Loves, Queens, Goddesses. That's what each of you always going to be to me. Let's write our own Three Sisters Tale, and let it be epic.

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