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Get Ready for the Aquarius Season 2023

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

This New Moon- on the January 21, 2023 marks the beginning of a new cycle, and the start to Aquarius season. So what does this mean for us? Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what this astrological event will bring.

What Is A New Moon?

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in alignment, creating an opposition between them. This opposition forms a line that divides the night sky into two halves. During a New Moon, both the Sun and Moon are hidden from view and only their energy is felt. It’s a time of new beginnings; of planting seeds for growth and starting projects that will come to fruition later on in life.

What Is Aquarius Season?

Aquarius season starts when the Sun enters Aquarius at the end of January each year, lasting until mid-February. During this time, people born under this sign are said to be more creative, independent, and innovative than usual. They may also be more open to taking risks or trying something different than they would normally do during other times of the year. As well as being independent thinkers, people born during this season tend to be loyal friends who are compassionate towards others. They’re also known for having strong intuition about things that most can’t sense or understand – making them excellent problem solvers too!

How Will The New Moon In Aquarius 2023 Affect Me?

The New Moon in Aquarius will bring with it an opportunity for renewal and regeneration; allowing us all to start fresh with our goals and ambitions for the upcoming years ahead. It’s also going to give us some serious motivation as we strive towards achieving our dreams over the next 12 months! With its emphasis on creativity and innovation, now is a great time to think outside of the box when it comes to your plans – don’t be afraid to take risks or try something new; it could prove rewarding in ways you never expected!

As we enter into 2023 and prepare ourselves for a brand new cycle brought upon by this upcoming New Moon in Aquarius, let’s get ready to make some big changes over these next 12 months! With its focus on independence, creativity, risk-taking, loyalty, and compassion – there is no better way kick off an amazing year than with this stunning astrological event! So take some time out now before it arrives so you can make sure you make full use of all its potential when it does arrive - you won't regret it!


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