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Full Moon in Leo, February 5th, 2023

On the night of Sunday February 5th, 2023 a Celestial Spectacle will take place; the Full Snow Moon. As it rises in Leo at 1:29 PM EST or 6:29 pm UTC this dazzling showpiece marks the second full moon after winter solstice and ushers in another season of snow-covered landscapes illuminated by lunar radiance. Don't miss your chance to witness this cosmic wonder!

Balance between Aquarian and Leo energies

This Full Moon in Leo invites us to understand and balance the personal, emotional energies of this sign with that of Aquarius – an energy focused on understanding situations from a more detached perspective. It's a time for creating powerful connections through joy and romance whilst taking into account everyone involved; emotionality tempered by thoughtful objectivity. The promise is one of achieving something meaningful together, as we reach authentic fulfilment within our relationships! This Full Moon brings a challenge to navigate the divide between coupling up and staying part of our community. The Leo Moon encourages us to take critical stock of ourselves while still appreciating team dynamics, while the Aquarius Sun reminds that we can pursue individual growth without losing sight of who matters around us. This astrological event lets you pick both sides so don't miss out on its illuminating effects.

Focus on your inner life

As the Moon lights up our skies, it also serves as a source of illumination for our inner lives. The energy of this time is conducive to releasing emotions that have been brewing within us - we must not allow them to remain pent-up anymore! Over these upcoming weeks, there will be opportunities for deeper understanding and self-discovery; however, during this period individual expression should still take priority over logic in order to properly process what lies beneath the surface. This Full Moon brings some unexpected surprises that could create a splash of rebellious energy in our lives! Revelations and insights may be abrupt, so it's important to prepare for the occasional curveball.

Making the Most of This Full Moon

With all this extra energy surrounding us during this Leo full moon, there are plenty of ways to make the most of it! If you need some inspiration, consider starting a new creative project or getting out into nature; both activities will help us connect with our innermost desires while also allowing us to tap into our own innate potentials. Additionally, take some time to meditate; focusing on our breath can help clear away any negative energies that may have been built up over time. And don’t forget to give yourself credit for all your hard work—take some time to celebrate your successes no matter how small they are!

With all its fiery energy, this week's full moon in Leo promises lots of exciting changes ahead. Whether you're looking for ways to express yourself creatively or just want some "me" time after all those long days at work, now is definitely the time for it! So go forth bravely into whatever life has planned for you next—you've got this!


Watch a video about this Full Moon by Maren Altman

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