First day of fall 2022: Wellness tips for a healthy and happy autumn

As the leaves start to change color and fall from the trees, we know that autumn has arrived. For many of us, this is the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is cooling down, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. But as the seasons change, so does our wellness routine. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and happy all season long.


1. Get enough sleep: As the days get shorter, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Most adults need around 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If you find yourself struggling to sleep, try establish a bedtime routine including winding down for 30 minutes before sleep and disconnecting from electronics screens at least an hour before bed. If you're looking to sleep better during this time of year, make sure that your body has had enough rest by going for longer periods between meals and sleeping early.

2. Eat seasonal produce: One of the best things about autumn is the abundance of seasonal produce like apples, squash, and pumpkin. Incorporate these delicious fruits and vegetables into your diet to boost your immune system and keep your body healthy.

3. Stay active: Just because the temperature is cooling down doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time indoors. Get out and enjoy the cooler weather by going for a walk, run, or bike ride. Not only will you get some fresh air, but you’ll also boost your energy and mood.

4. Manage stress: The autumn season can be a busy time with work, school, and family commitments. Make sure to take some time for yourself and do things that make you happy. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a yoga class, or spending time with friends, find an activity that helps you relax and manage stress.

5. Keep warm: As the temperature starts to drop, make sure you’re staying warm enough by dressing in layers and staying indoors when it’s cold outside. If you do go out, make sure to cover your nose and mouth with a scarf or face mask to protect yourself from the cold.

6. Stay hydrated: As the weather gets colder, it's important to make sure you're staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Herbal teas are also a great option and can help keep you warm from the inside out.

7. Get outside and enjoy the cooler weather: Fall is a great time to go for hikes or walks in the crisp air. Just be sure to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes.

8. Get your vitamin D: The sun is fading away and we're left with little daylight hours to get our Vitamin D. If you live in an area where the weather turns colder during fall or winter, make sure that your intake of this important vitamin does not decrease! A supplement can help boost moods as well immune systems when taken regularly

9. Spring cleaning in the fall: The fall is a great time to get rid of any excess clothing and organizing your closet can help you feel more comfortable in it.

I find that I have less clutter during these warmer months since most summer clothes are worn once or twice before they're gone forever, so now would be an ideal opportunity for some spring cleaning! Start with getting organized by purging old items from storage units if needbe- bring them down into the basement where we've got plenty space available at this end (or just stack up on top) then go through everything together sorting out what needs repairs/restoration etc., making sure not

10. You need to moisturize your skin: It's very important for the health of it and you'll still want that sunscreen too. The fall is a bit dryer and you'll definitely need to stay moisturized in a daily basis.


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