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All About Aquarius: 5 Must-Know Facts

The water-bearer is a unique sign that stands out from the rest of the zodiacal pack. Aquarians are known for their quirkiness and inventiveness, their rebellious streak, and their humanitarian spirit. They make great friends, partners, and colleagues—so here are five facts you need to know about Aquarius!


Fact 1: Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means it represents mental stability and fixed ideas. People born under this sign tend to be logical and analytical thinkers and have a keen interest in philosophy and science. They also tend to be independent but still enjoy socializing with like-minded people.

Fact 2: Ruling Planet Is Uranus

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. This planet symbolizes unconventional thinking, originality, rebellion against authority, and innovation. The energy of Uranus encourages those born under this sign to think outside of the box and to challenge societal norms. It also gives them a strong sense of justice and fairness.

Fact 3: Symbols are Water Bearer & Electricity

The symbol that represents Aquarius is the Water Bearer. This symbolizes the water bearer’s ability to bring life-giving water from the heavens to Earth—something that was once thought impossible by ancient civilizations. Additionally, electricity has been used as a symbol for Aquarius because it represents speed, power, knowledge, technology—all qualities associated with this air sign’s affinity for progressivism and innovation.

Fact 4: Element Is Air

Air is associated with communication, intellect, and movement—all qualities commonly found in those born under this sign. People born under this element tend to be intellectuals who enjoy discussing new ideas or concepts with others in order to gain insight into how these concepts could benefit society as a whole. They also tend to be independent thinkers who don't follow trends just because everyone else does—they prefer to go their own way!

Fact 5: Colors Are Blue & Silver

The colors blue and silver are associated with Aquarius because they represent intelligence and creativity—both traits shared by those born under this sign! These colors can also be seen as symbols of freedom; something that many Aquarians strive for throughout their lives due to their rebellious nature.

Whether you're an astrologer or just someone curious about zodiac signs, understanding more about Aquarius can help shed light on why people born under this sign stand out from the pack. With its ruling planet Uranus encouraging progressive thinking, its element air inspiring intellectual conversations, its symbols water bearer & electricity representing power & technology respectively; it's easy to understand why so many famous creatives have been born into this fascinating zodiac sign! So if you know someone who's an aquarian – make sure you give them credit for all that creative energy they bring into your life! And if you yourself are an aquarian – congratulations! You've been blessed with some truly unique gifts! Embrace them - they will take you far!

Happy aquarian season everyone!! :)

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