A trip to The Faerie Den!

Crystal, oh crystals! We love them dearly, we always want more- so it was only right, to get you one for my Halloween giveaway! When looking for the perfect one- my path crossed with Laurelle, the owner of The Faerie Den in NYC.

Laurelle has been using Nature’s Medicine for over 25 years; from Crystals, Essential Oils, Sound & Movement to Energy work, Meditation & Astrology. She started her healing therapy and consultation business 5 Sense Healing in 2009, and The Faerie Den was born from that in 2011. She has been called a spiritual alchemist, bridge-builder & crystal maven.- as her website ( ) states!

Check out my video with this incredible human being (although I'm almost sure she actually is one of the Fae) and enjoy her wisdom she shared with us! Below, I'm going to leave a link to her book- a perfect gift to yourself or your crystal-loving friends and family!


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