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A Guide to Compatible Love for Pisces

Are you a Pisces looking for love? You’re in luck! As a water sign, you have an intuitive and creative nature that is sure to attract potential partners. However, as with any astrological sign, there are certain signs that may not be compatible with your sign. Learning the signs you should avoid dating is the first step to finding true love.

The Moon Signs You Should Avoid Dating

If you’re a Pisces, then it’s important to note that Leo and Libra moon signs are not considered compatible with your sign. This is because of their differing elements—Leo and Libra are fire signs while Pisces is a water sign. Fire and water can be complementary if they work together, but they can also conflict when put together because of their opposing natures. As such, relationships between these signs can be challenging if both parties aren’t willing to make compromises.

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

The good news is that Pisces has excellent compatibility with Scorpio—another water sign. This means that partnerships between these two signs tend to have an immediate connection due to their shared element of water. In terms of romance, this pairing creates deep emotional connections that allow them to understand each other on a deeper level than most other couples do. They also bring out the best in each other, which makes them perfect for long-term relationships or marriage.

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Another excellent match for Pisces is Cancer—a fellow water sign that has similar qualities as Scorpio but with a softer edge. Cancer brings out the compassionate side of Pisces, which allows them to connect on an even deeper level than what they could achieve with any other sign. Furthermore, this pairing has strong communication skills which helps them express themselves better than they could with any other sign in the zodiac wheel. This makes them incredibly well suited for long-term relationships since they are able to communicate effectively with one another without having any major issues or misunderstandings between them.


Finding love can be tricky business – especially if you’re a Pisces! But by understanding what signs will work best for you (and which ones won't), you can be sure that the person you choose will bring out the very best in you – both romantically and personally! By understanding why certain moon signs don't mix well with your own (Leo & Libra) as well as understanding why others do (Scorpio & Cancer), it'll become much easier for you to find someone who will truly understand and appreciate your unique traits – something all Pisceans deserve! Good luck out there!


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