10 Szeptucha’s simple spells and rituals. (Polish Witchcraft).

1) Giving the Evil back to the Earth.

When you feel down, when it seems that something is draining you out of your energy the best thing you can to is simply lay down on the ground. (It’s enough you touch it with your feet and hands) following the action with these words: “A wszystko, co złe niech wsiąknie do ziemi. A wszystko co złe, niech się w dobre zamieni. “Everything bad, may it sink in the Earth, everything bad, in good let it turn. “

2) Licking off the curse from person’s forehead. 

When a child was sick, healers traditionally would lick off or suck out a disease out of their bodies, with everything else they considered influencing the kid’s health in a negative way. After sucking or licking the evil out it was very important to spit the bad energy out, to avoid culminating it inside of your body. In the same way witches would get rid of hexes, and curses. 

3) Maple leaves and thistle for hexes and curses. 

The best way to see if someone was cursed or hexed is to burn in their presence maple leaves. If the smoke chokes them, it’s a sign that a person needs a braking-curse ritual. Homemade ritual to break a curse is to take a bath with thistle concoction. You add the thistle brew to you bath water and completely emerge in the bath water. If on the top of water, you start to see something resembling the milk skin, it’s a sign you were indeed cursed or hexed. If it wasn’t too strong this bath is going to get rid of it permanently.

4) Intentional loud noises.

Ringing, yelling, squeaking, honking, or just making a lot of noise around a person was to prevent illness and demons from getting closer to them. This tradition is actually so strong it’s just a part of our everyday life and celebrations. On weddings for example, to ensure the new couple’s good luck till this day, the cars driving from Church to the wedding reception will honk all the way there.  

5) Getting rid of evil.

The extract the evil, enchantments, hexes and the illnesses that accompany them the Szaptuchas used many different approaches. You could drag the affected person through a hole in the ground or a bend to the ground tree. Firstly, you would get rid of the evil rooted in the hole, secondly the body of the person would absorb the life force of the tree or earth. Other popular method was to wave sharp objects around the patient's body: knifes and sickles, sometimes sticks or whips. Whipping a person with willow branches was meant to get rid of any disease. Today we believe that doing to will most likely prevent the disease from happening. 

6) Egging.

Eggs are very popular tool, used in many rituals. You could roll it on the patient’s body so the inside of the egg would suck in their illness. After that you would throw the egg away. Now, the most popular use of egging is to suck out all the blockages and shadows form patient’s body, then the egg is being cracked in a glass of water to see if any energetic forces are still working on the person. In older traditions one would roll the egg through a field, as a symbol of fertility to make sure the harvest would be good. The same logic was used in rolling the egg on women bellies, when they had problems with getting pregnant. The important thing is that the egg shouldn’t be store-bought. It was supposed to be a laid the same day as the ritual by a free-range chicken. 

7) Salt for protection.

We all know by now that salt is for a great protection tool, used by all the witches all around the World for ages. When cleansing houses, you would sprinkle salt in the Four Directions, or four corners of the house and the threshold. A good farmer would give a bit of it to all his animals to taste. That would prevent them from getting sick. 

8) Home protection.

Silverweed, was scattered around the house, outside. Unless, you’re living in a flat. Then you sprinkle it on windowsills and thresholds. To cleanse the floors in witch’s house she would use verbena or sagebrush, they both have cleansing properties. 

9) Walking back the souls.

Szeptuchas usually befriend the souls they walk back. It’s the favor for a favor, kind of thing. The witches would put a piece of bread, sprinkled with salt on a grave.  They were eating half of it, and leaving the other half for the soul. They would light green or blue candle. After repeating three times the “Eternal rest” prayer they would speak out the spell: “Don’t scare me but help me, don’t scare me but befriend me.” The freed spirit would be happy to oblige the witch and help her with her rituals. It’s an advanced kind of magic. Not for a Halloween fun. Don’t play with the dead if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might not be ready to pay the deed later on. 

10) Sprinkling the newly weed with rice. 

This tradition is the equivalent of sprinkling with the grain by the Crowns in other rituals. It was meant to give vitality to whatever was sprinkled, as well as it was a form of sacrifice for gods and spirits, who would bless and protect the new couple. 

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