PIXIES are tiny creatures known for their joyful approach to life. A kind of lesser fairy- usually described as childish and very playful. Winged creatures that didn’t care much for clothing. They were happy spirits, lovers of little mischief and fun!


What a wonderful card! A card of spontaneity and innocence. New beginnings are coming. You might feel like you’re not ready... like you don’t know what you’re doing. The PIXIE is here to remind you that sometimes a leap of faith is all that is required. The Universe has your back.

Trust your instincts, allow yourself to be excited. Have fun and enjoy this new chapter of your life.


The inexperience can only become mastery if you’ll give it a try. Yes, you might fail. Yes, you
might get into a bit of trouble somewhere along the way- but your cherry approach and positive attitude are all you’ll need to make it work. Believe in yourself and your potential. The Universe has a habit of giving us exactly what we think we deserve, not what we ask it for. Because of that, positive thoughts are the first step in creating a better reality for yourself.


Oracle of the Holy Revolution

Brought to you by Magdalena Ling

A new first of its kind Oracle Deck that really speaks back to you!

For all the lovers of mythological creatures and technology. Forget the traditional booklets! Simply scan a QR code on the back of each card and have the author explain their meanings to you in a video format.

An oracle deck is a tool of self-reflection to add to your magical and spiritual practice. It can be used for introspection or, depending on your approach, divination. While oracle cards can offer insight similar to tarot cards, there are some major differences. The lack of 78 card's structure and separation on Minor and Major Arcana gives the creator and the reader more freedom in creating the spreads and getting a more in depth insight on the reading itself. 

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