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The Oracle of a Holy Revolution is all you will ever need to step into your true power. It’s time to head towards your enlightenment, rediscover the old truths and let them enrich your life. The Age of Aquarius is upon us, it's time to truly awaken and ascend. With our new technology, receiving your downloads was never easier! Our QR codes with access to special messages and guidance from the author- channeled from the Source- will serve you a personalized experience like no other. Each card is a lesson, leading you closer to self-discovery, self-healing and embracing your intuition. A challenge to try and see the World from a different perspective. Each mythological creature used in this deck represents different values; each has a wonderful story and life lesson behind it for us to learn from.  In our current times, when we can’t be with each other the way we used to- this deck offers you a one-on-one experience that will make reading this oracle less intimidating and more insightful. This download was meant to reach not only your eyes and mind, but also your ears and soul. It makes it perfect for beginners and offers the more experienced users a different insight that will enrich the reading like never before. The promise of a better future for all, lies in the number of healed, self-aware and awakened people-the ease of receiving these lessons is the only hope in speeding up the process of alleviating our collective consciousness. Immerse yourself in the land of Myths and Technology that The Oracle of the Holy Revolutions bring to your home. Join the Revolution and welcome to the Future.

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