The symbol of inevitability. The bringer of the apocalypse, chained by the gods that feared what would come next. FENRIR was a symbol of strength, ferocity, destiny, and the inescapable future. He was wrongfully chained in an attempt to prevent the fulfillment of his destiny.


This card asks you to trust your path. Someone or something is keeping you from fulfilling your life’s purpose, but the threads of fate already set your destiny. Patience is the key now. The wheels of time won’t ever stop turning and your time will come. Be fearless, and rest assured that your destiny is going to catch up to you.


No chains, no one can stop it. You are meant to do all those amazing things. It might take days, weeks, months, sometimes even years but rest assured- it's coming. Don’t allow the trial of time to
dim your ferocious light. Hide your hopes and dreams in a safe space, deep within you. Sometimes it’s better not to share your plans with the outside world so they won’t influence them with their negative words and their own insecurities.


Oracle of the Holy Revolution

Brought to you by Magdalena Ling

A new first of its kind Oracle Deck that really speaks back to you!

For all the lovers of mythological creatures and technology. Forget the traditional booklets! Simply scan a QR code on the back of each card and have the author explain their meanings to you in a video format.

An oracle deck is a tool of self-reflection to add to your magical and spiritual practice. It can be used for introspection or, depending on your approach, divination. While oracle cards can offer insight similar to tarot cards, there are some major differences. The lack of 78 card's structure and separation on Minor and Major Arcana gives the creator and the reader more freedom in creating the spreads and getting a more in depth insight on the reading itself. 

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