Hearing the cries of a BANSHEE were dreaded by the bravest of men. The inevitably that they brought is horrifying to every mortal- they meant death. They appeared as elderly women with horrifying features. A truly dreadful sight.


This card comes as a reminder- death is just a transition. A chapter of your life is coming to an end. Instead of getting frightened, trying to hide from it, to pretend that you don’t hear her cries- it's time to let go. You know, deep inside, what she came here for- hand it over so she can finally leave. You need the closure that this transition is going to bring.


Let yourself grieve, but let go, because this card is not just a warning- the future is set in
stone already. This change will happen involuntarily- it doesn't matter how hard you’ll try to hold onto it, the transformation has already begun. The only thing that you have control over is how smoothly it's going to happen. Seek out people who care and love you- it's not time to be alone unless you truly need solitude. Be patient. Time has this wonderful quality of healing even the deepest wounds on our soul. You will get better. Soon.


Oracle of the Holy Revolution

Brought to you by Magdalena Ling

A new first of its kind Oracle Deck that really speaks back to you!

For all the lovers of mythological creatures and technology. Forget the traditional booklets! Simply scan a QR code on the back of each card and have the author explain their meanings to you in a video format.

An oracle deck is a tool of self-reflection to add to your magical and spiritual practice. It can be used for introspection or, depending on your approach, divination. While oracle cards can offer insight similar to tarot cards, there are some major differences. The lack of 78 card's structure and separation on Minor and Major Arcana gives the creator and the reader more freedom in creating the spreads and getting a more in depth insight on the reading itself. 

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